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Dr Alex Leide delighted to be supported by the Royal Academy of Engineering for the next five years 

UK Atomic Energy Authority’s Dr Alex Leide has been accepted on the Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellowships programme, it was announced this week. 

Now in its 21st year, the Research Fellowships programme supports outstanding early-career researchers to become future research leaders in engineering.  

The fellowships are designed to advance excellence in engineering by providing funding for five years to allow awardees the freedom to concentrate on basic research in any field of engineering.  

Dr Alex Leide, UKAEA

Dr Leide, Materials Engineer at UKAEA, said: “I’m really fortunate to have been awarded this Research Fellowship, and I’m delighted to be supported by the Royal Academy of Engineering for the next five years.  

“There are exciting times ahead for those of us working in fusion energy, which promises to be a safe, low carbon and sustainable part of the world’s future energy supply. But we know there lots of challenges to overcome to achieve it, especially in developing and understanding the materials we will be using in future power plants. 

 “With the support of the research fellowship I’ll be able to grow my skills as a researcher beyond technical knowledge and towards the business and leadership skills required as an engineer. The work we do at UKAEA is contributing to a sustainable society through the low carbon energy being developed here, as well as the industrial collaborations emanating from our laboratories.” 

In addition to direct financial support, the scheme provides an opportunity to establish a research track record and, in turn, to be in a stronger position to apply for additional funding and grow a research team. Awardees also benefit from mentoring support from an Academy Fellow on research and career development as well as reduced teaching and administrative duties to allow time for research, training opportunities and networking with other Research Fellows and Academy Fellows. 

The engineering research supported this year by 17 new fellowships addresses a range of innovative applications of AI and machine learning, health and medical care, energy supplies and power generation, as well as environmental safety and sustainability. Other projects include data security and high-performance laser technology. 

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