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Fusion will offer safe, sustainable and green electricity for future generations.

Fusion in brief

Bringing the power source of the stars down to Earth could give us low-carbon electricity for millennia to come.
Fusion is one of the most promising options for generating the cleaner energy the world badly needs. CCFE scientists and engineers are developing the technology to bring fusion electricity to the grid.

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Image of the Sun

Why we need fusion

The race is on to find new, environmentally sustainable forms of electricity to meet the aspirations of a growing world population. 
By 2050, the planet could be using twice as much electricity compared to today. More people and better living standards will lead to a big rise in energy consumption.

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How fusion works

In a fusion reaction, energy is released when two light atomic nuclei are fused together to form one heavier atom.
This is the process that powers the Sun and other stars, where hydrogen nuclei are combined to form helium.

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The tokamak

The tokamak – a magnetic bottle containing hot plasma fuel – is the most successful fusion concept yet developed. It is the design that CCFE and partners are working to bring to the commercial energy market.

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Achieving fusion power

Here’s how CCFE and its partners around Europe are planning to get fusion power on the grid.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are questions that we are often asked about fusion power, and our answers.

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