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Bluemira is an integrated inter-disciplinary design tool for future fusion machines.

It incorporates several modules, some of which rely on other codes, to carry out a range of typical conceptual fusion machine design activities. Bluemira was created from two similar codes: BLUEPRINT and MIRA (see publications).

The overarching aim of the bluemira framework is to facilitate reactor design using different levels of fidelity at different stages in the design process. The general idea is that there is nothing particularly wrong with how tokamak fusion reactors are designed today, except that it takes months to reach an initial design point. In bluemira, typical tokamak fusion reactor design activities are parameterised, automated, combined together, and exposed to the user, enabling reactor designs to be generated in a matter of minutes.

The goal is for bluemira to one day function as a multi-fidelity systems code for tokamaks.

A wide variety of modules useful for the design of tokamaks are available, with more on the way:

  • Interface to the PROCESS systems code
  • Interface to the 1.5-D PLASMOD transport and fixed boundary equilibrium solver
  • 2-D fixed and free boundary equilibrium solvers
  • 3-D magnetostatics solvers
  • 3-D geometry and CAD
  • Simplified dynamic tritium fuel cycle model

Many typical tokamak fusion reactor design optimisation problems are also implemented, leveraging the functionality of the above modules.

Bluemira is open source and being used in both the EUROfusion DEMO programme and the UK STEP programme.

See details on GitHub.

For further information or if you would like to collaborate on future improvements to bluemira please contact James Cook

A cutaway view of a bluemira CAD output for an EU-DEMO like Tokamak

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