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Waste Facilities

We offer an array of waste management solutions

Materials Detritiation Facility

The Material Detritiation Facility (MDF) is the first of its kind facility that processes tritiated non-combustible, intermediate level waste (ILW) on an industrial scale. It offers a best available technique for the cost-effective treatment of ILW waste streams allowing for tritium recovery and recycling.

Water Detritiation System

The Water Detritiation System (WDS) is also another first of its kind facility for processing tritiated water waste arising from running the Joint European Torus (JET). The WDS system is currently undergoing commissioning and will be ready for operation by early 2023. The system will process up to 24,000 litres of tritiated water a year.

Beryllium Handling Facility

The Beryllium Handling Facility (BeHF) is a versatile suite of ventilated containment systems that provides a direct interface with JET for transferring components and equipment. Our facility provides a choice of enclosures for components maintenance, waste processing and decontamination of tools and equipment.

Tritium Analysis Laboratory

Our Tritium Analysis Laboratory (TAL) enables the recovery of tritium from solid samples for measurement for waste characterisation and research purposes. The TAL partners with the UKAEA’s Health Physics Laboratory (HPL), which is UKAS accredited for the determination of tritium in solution, for quantification by liquid scintillation counting.

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