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Power Plant Modelling and Integration

The Power Plant Modelling and Integration group (PPMI) specialises in whole power plant modelling and integration along with multi-fidelity systems code development and exploitation. The group is responsible for developing leading power plant design codes PROCESS and bluemira.

Group Capabilities

  • Whole power plant modelling
  • Power plant scoping studies
  • Power plant integration
  • Multi-fidelity systems code exploitation and development
  • Fusion power plant design training.


Bluemira is an integrated inter-disciplinary design tool for future fusion machines.

It incorporates several modules, some of which rely on other codes, to carry out a range of typical conceptual fusion machine design activities.

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PROCESS is a systems code that calculates, in a self-consistent manner, the parameters of a fusion power plant with a specified performance, ensuring that its operating limits are not violated, and with the option to optimise to a given function of these parameters.

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Contact details

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