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Hydrogen-3 Advanced Technology

The UK’s leading authority on tritium

Enabling sustainable fusion

H3AT is pioneering research into tritium breeding, processing, distribution, storage, recycling and disposal.

We drive the development of cutting-edge technologies to address tritium challenges for sustainable fusion delivery and technology transfer beyond fusion.

The Tritium Challenges

The challenges for industrialisation of tritium-fed fusion devices relate to tritium supply, tritium safety and fuel cycle technology.

Most fusion devices will combine the hydrogen isotopes of deuterium and tritium to produce helium and energy to generate electricity. Tritium is a fast decaying radioactive isotope of hydrogen with very scarce natural reserves.


Naturally occurring tritium is scarce. Techniques for breeding tritium from lithium within fusion power plants and reprocessing of tritiated waste to re-use tritium are needed.


Techniques to minimise tritium inventories, ensure confinement and safely monitor tritium as well as safe practices for tritiated waste are essential to the future of fusion.

Fuel Cycle Technology

Development of techniques for vacuuming, processing, isotopic separation, tritium fuelling and then reprocessing of the spent fuel are needed to further develop the closed fusion fuel cycle.

Our Capabilities

Our core purpose is to provide solutions that address the tritium challenges of supply, safety and fuel cycle technology. Overcoming these challenges will enable the commercial realisation of tritium-fuelled fusion devices.

Our H3AT research centre provides advanced tritium infrastructure to feed, recover, store and recycle tritium.  Along with our tritium expertise, this enables vital research to inform academia and industry.

Our People

Our people are passionate, professional and committed to cultivating and sharing knowledge.  We invest in developing a highly skilled and diverse workforce. We are guided by the principles of safety, inclusion and diversity, empowerment and people development.

We provide world-class tritium training to support the growing demand for tritium expertise and skills in the UK and across the world. We offer a range of opportunities for professionals, graduates, interns and PhD secondments.

A UKAEA apprentice training at the Oxfordshire Advanced Skills centre

Contact details

To find out more about H3AT and enquire about using the facility, please contact

Further information

Hydrogen-3 Advanced Technology brochure

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