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Shattered pellet injector

JET deals a shattering blow to plasma instabilities

An innovative device to prevent plasma from melting or damaging components of the reactor wall in JET has been used in experiments for the first time. As seen in the striking video (below), the Shattered Pellet Injector (or ‘SPI') pre-empts…
Artist's illustration of a spherical tokamak power plant

UK to take a big ‘STEP’ to fusion electricity

The UK is taking a giant STEP towards zero carbon, safe and abundant commercial fusion electricity, with the UK Government committing £220M for the conceptual design of a fusion power station – the Spherical Tokamak for Energy Production (STEP). Secretary…
JET Control Room

New JET programme will be crucial to future of fusion research

A scientific programme to exploit world-unique capabilities on the European JET fusion facility, hosted at CCFE, is now underway. Significant upgrades to JET – such as its inner wall of beryllium and tungsten – have effectively turned JET into a…
Prime Minister Boris Johnson at MAST Upgrade

Prime Minister hails ‘world-leading’ fusion research at Culham

Prime Minister Boris Johnson today visited Culham to make his first major science policy announcement since taking office. The visit marked a Government announcement on plans to develop a new fast-track visa route for scientists to continue to move to the…

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Events happening at Culham Centre for Fusion Energy and other meetings of interest

11 February, 2020

UKAEA Supply Chain Engagement Event

With increased Government investment in fusion and new test centres working with academic and industrial partners, it is a great time to get involved and work with the UK Atomic Energy Authority. This event will provide the industrial supply chain...

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3 February, 2020

UKAEA Apprentice Scheme Open Evening

This event will be a chance for potential apprentices and family members to come and find out a bit more of what we have to offer at UKAEA. There will be various stands including different engineering areas, but also representatives...

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30 January, 2020

UKAEA Software and Computing Recruitment Day

This event will be an opportunity for software engineers and computing specialists to meet with our hiring managers and find out about career opportunities with UKAEA. The day will involve a presentation about UKAEA, a tour of some of our...

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30 January, 2020

UKAEA Electrical Engineering Recruitment Day

We are hosting a recruitment day at our site at Culham, Oxfordshire, to invite talented Electrical / Electronic Engineers to meet with some of our hiring managers and learn more about the opportunities available. The day will involve a presentation...

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14 January, 2020 - 15 January, 2020

24th UK Monte Carlo User Group Meeting (MCNEG 2020)

This meeting provides a forum for new and experienced users of Monte Carlo software for radiation transport. We would like to extend our invite to presenters include academics, researchers and students from the fields of medical, radiation dosimetry, radiation detectors,...

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20 July, 2020 - 31 July, 2020

Culham Summer School

57th Culham Plasma Physics Summer School The Summer School is intended to give the students an introduction to the fundamentals of plasma physics together with an appreciation of how these are related to applications such as Magnetic Confinement Fusion, Laser...

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