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UKAEA participates in eduroam (education roaming), the secure, world-wide roaming wireless access service developed for the international research and education community.

eduroam allows users from participating organisations to access visitor networks at other participating organisations with the username and password they use at their home institution.

UKAEA staff can easily connect to eduroam, but please ensure you log in with your UKAEA short username followed by “”, e.g. Your password is your standard office computing logon password.

A list of participating UK organisations is maintained by Jisc.

Configuration instructions

The easiest way to configure eduroam on your devices is to use the eduroam Configuration Assistance Tool (CAT):

1. Go to, click on download installer and then search and choose UK Atomic Energy Authority from the list of institutions.

2. Download the installer for your operating system.

3. Run the installer and use your and password.

The eduroam CAT is the easy way to set up eduroam Wi-Fi on your laptop or device and ensures a standardised setup of devices and assurance that the configuration will work most effectively with eduroam.

If the CAT doesn’t work with your device or operating system, or if you experience issues with eduroam while travelling, please contact IT Support.

Acceptable Use Policy

All users should read and must abide by both the eduroam(UK) policy and UKAEA’s Acceptable Use Policy (as summarised below). In particular, please be aware that for operational and legal reasons UKAEA will log all traffic.

UKAEA computing facilities are provided for official business purposes, that is, work associated with the EPSRC programme, JET or other UKAEA business. The use of these facilities for private purposes is generally forbidden, though occasional, brief private use is permitted, provided that:

  • It is not in breach of any UKAEA policies;
  • It is not excessive in volume, frequency or time;
  • It does not disrupt, or restrict, usage by others;
  • It does not expose UKAEA to legal action or disrepute.

The internet connection for UKAEA is provided by JANET via the National Research and Education Network (NREN) – all users of this service are bound by the terms and conditions set out by JANET under “The JANET Acceptable Use Policy” and “The JANET Security Policy”.

Users should be aware that all communications via the Internet are logged, web access may be filtered for appropriate usage and the contents of emails and web accesses may be monitored. Internal email is also logged and may be monitored. In addition, internet use is monitored statistically. Users may have their rights revoked for improper use of these systems and, in serious cases, they may be subject to disciplinary or legal actions

Unacceptable use includes:

  • Spending excessive time logged onto the internet;
  • Visiting dubious/disreputable sites;
  • Subscribing to inappropriate email or news services;
  • Doing anything unlawful or which might damage the reputation of UKAEA;
  • Attempting to compromise the security of the UKAEA IT systems or data in any way;
  • Wasting staff effort;
  • Physically damaging or otherwise interfering with facilities;
  • Generating messages which appear to originate with someone else, or otherwise attempting to impersonate someone else;
  • Attempting to gain unauthorised access to a computer system or information.
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