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IT information and Helpdesk

Overview of computing at UKAEA

UKAEA has a large computing infrastructure that spans across multiple buildings and facilities. A wide range of services is provided for UKAEA staff located on the Culham site (local users) and for users and collaborators external to site (remote users).

To access services, you will be required to login with a user name and password. The majority of common services, such as access to PCs or email, will require an office network (CCFEPC) account.

For access to services on the facility networks (such as the JET operations network) you may need a specific login account tied to that network and/or be required to use specific computing equipment.

All computer users must abide by UKAEA’s policy on the use of computer facilities.

Guest resources

Guest WIFI is available for external visitors (Wi-Fi Name WORLDnet-Wifi, password CCFEguest). This provides access to the external internet only.

Where to get help

The IT Helpdesk is available Monday-Friday between 8.15am and 4.30pm.

  • UKAEA users or Guest users without remote access:
    For UKAEA users without remote access please contact the IT Helpdesk using the form below
  • UKAEA users with remote access:
    For UKAEA staff with remote access requiring support, please login and raise a MARVAL Support ticket

If the request is urgent then the Helpdesk contact details are as follows:

  • Phone:
    • Internal: x4986
    • External: +44 (0)1235 464986

IT Support actively monitors all software installed on UKAEA computers to ensure we maintain a legal and compliant software position.

UKAEA request for IT assistance

Please complete the form below to raise a Helpdesk ticket.
You will receive an email message to confirm that your request has been queued for attention.

*** Please Note ***
This form should only be used if you are either an external user of UKAEA services, i.e. you do not have access via an Office365 UKAEA email account, or you are an existing user who due to some issue are unable to access the Marval IT Self Service Portal (SSP).

If you have an attachment that helps explain your issue/request then please select Yes under the ‘Do you wish to add an attachment’ box and the ability to upload an attachment will appear.

* Mandatory field

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