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We serve fusion, fission and beyond

Connecting the tritium ecosystem

Tritium is used in fusion, luminous devices and radioactive pharmaceuticals. It is a by-product of civil nuclear reactors creating operational and decommissioning challenges. H3AT plays a pivotal role in connecting the global ecosystem of tritium users requiring tritium solutions for fusion and non-fusion applications.

Fusion Solutions

Our range of fusion offerings enables research and engineering technologies for the sustainable use of tritium as a fusion fuel.  Our fusion research themes investigate solutions to address the tritium challenges of safety, supply and fuel cycle technologies.

Fission Solutions

H3AT engages in science and research work to transfer and apply our fusion waste strategy, best practices and techniques to nuclear fission. This covers waste management, processing and plant decommissioning (or repurposing).

Downstream Solutions

Beyond using tritium to generate electricity in fusion reactors, it is also used commonly around us. It is used a tracer for hydrogeology and biomedicine research. It also used as the source of light for glow-in-the-dark devices such as exit signs and runway lights.

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