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Research and Development

We lead Tritium Science Research

Developing Tritium and Waste Science Technologies for now and the future

We have decades of experience in feeding tritium and deuterium mixtures to JET.  Our research teams pioneer tritium research experiments and fusion fuel cycle approaches for national and international fusion research programmes.  We serve fusion programmes for STEP, EUROfusion, ITER and other private fusion sectors. We are also solving decommissioning challenges both for fusion and fission.

Tritium Science Research

Focused on ensuring that we have the skills, facilities, scientific understanding, process development capabilities and waste management competence needed for the development of fusion fuel cycles, and the materials required to interact with tritium.

Waste Science Research

UKAEA’s waste research strategy brings innovation and scientific rigour to fusion waste challenges to reduce environmental impacts and enhance knowledge. This has resulted in new ‘best available techniques’ to reduce waste, save money and support the closure of the fusion fuel cycle for reuse of tritium.

Hydrogen Economy

H3AT is working with academia and industry to investigate areas where the UKAEA’s hydrogen research has relevance to the use of hydrogen as an energy vector. We are investigating the use of getter-beds for hydrogen storage. We are also researching ways to quantify the high temperature permeation of hydrogen into materials and the use of tritium as a tracer in hydrogen research.

Contact details

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Hydrogen-3 Advanced Technology brochure

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