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What we do​

We provide world-class tritium solutions

Pioneering advances in tritium technologies

Our tritium expertise and architecture knowledge of tritium fuel cycle process loop has influenced major international fusion projects.

We work with partners across the tritium community to grow their capability and drive forward tritium research and technology development.


Our experience and capabilities have developed from decades of managing tritium operations for the JET fusion programme. This fuels our drive to pioneer the commercialisation of sustainable fusion energy.

We operate in fusion, fission and beyond offering tritium solutions. We provide technical expertise, skills, infrastructure and equipment to stakeholders across fusion and fission. We also offer technical support to downstream users of tritium.

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Research and Development

​Our team’s expertise has developed through finding real-world solutions to the complex tritium challenges in our operational AGHS (Active Gas Handling System) tritium plant.

We continue to invest in the research and development of tritium technologies and best available techniques (BATs) for tritium waste management.

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Tritium Training

We are committed to building and growing the UK’s tritium science and engineering capabilities to support fusion.  We have a dedicated team of tritium training experts supported by our renowned facilities.

As part of our commitment to upskilling the fusion industry, we are pleased to have launched a new tritium training course.

The course is in-person and attendees can speak with and learn from UKAEA’s tritium experts and will experience a tour of UKAEA’s tritium processing plant, the Active Gas Handling facility – a unique opportunity to see the real-world application of what they have just learned in the training room.

The one-day, classroom-based course is applicable to industry, academia, start-ups, graduates, new starters, scientists, engineers and operators with a range of tritium knowledge.

The course covers tritium’s chemical properties, behaviours and safety factors, before delving into tritium fuel cycle stages. It will also cover the unique processes and equipment requirements needed to safely operate a tritium handling facility.

For more information about future courses and to sign up, please contact: 

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