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There are key challenges to overcome to make fusion energy sustainable. UKAEA has world-leading capabilities to address them.

Plasma science

Culham Centre for Fusion Energy has a world-renowned plasma science programme.

Understanding how hot, turbulent plasma fuel behaves is essential for designing and building fusion reactors using the tokamak design. CCFE’s Tokamak Science Department combines theoretical physics studies and advanced computer modelling with data from plasma experiments.

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Fusion Technology

Our Fusion Technology team is taking the UK’s fusion expertise into the age of power plant delivery.

We enable industrial partners to test prototype components in the conditions found inside fusion reactors – getting a head start in the commercialisation of fusion energy.

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Hydrogen-3 Advanced Technology.

H3AT is pioneering research into tritium breeding, processing, distribution, storage, recycling and disposal.

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Advanced computing

Computing plays a vital role in fusion research.

CCFE runs a comprehensive advanced computing programme exploring the use of new technologies to allow faster and more detailed studies of the physics and engineering of fusion reactors.

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Materials science

Choosing the right materials will be crucial to building commercial fusion reactors.

To be economically viable, a fusion reactor’s components must be able to survive for long periods in a very challenging environment.

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