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Vacuum brazing

Vacuum Brazing; Heat Treatment Production Area

Special Techniques is well known for its vacuum brazing expertise.

With its wide range of furnaces it is able to develop prototype assemblies and also undertake large batch brazing.

High quality repeatable void-free brazes  are achieved without the presence of oxide or flux.

Distinguishable from many industrial brazing facilities, our furnaces are maintained in a clean condition, and all materials employed during processing are carefully monitored to ensure hot-zone contamination never occurs.

We have provided services to many research areas, including space, aerospace, medical, defence, high-energy, and the nuclear sector.

With an impressive inventory of braze alloys, we are able to vacuum braze a wide range of materials including ceramics.

Where necessary, we can establish and qualify braze procedures, and issue formal certification as evidence of process control.

Leak testing using helium mass spectrometry is undertaken as a matter of course. We will always advise if such testing is likely to cause damage to the items in process.

Some examples of vacuum brazing:

Vacuum brazed Oxygen Free High Conductivity copper microwave horn…

Copper and cupro-nickel calorimeter plate, with 568 thermocouples brazed simultaneously…

Ceramic to metal brazed feedthroughs, stage brazed into stainless steel vacuum flange…

Vacuum brazed mineral-insulated cable loom, passing through double vacuum bulkhead. The assembly is one of many produced to feed signals from the primary vacuum of a fusion experiment to external diagnostic devices.

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