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FUSION22 has energised the global fusion industry following an “inspirational” first of its kind event at London’s Science Museum.

The conference showcased the goals and vision of the international fusion community on the path to delivering near limitless and low carbon energy in the future.

Delegates from around the world were part of the inaugural hybrid event, which covered a wide range of thought-provoking panel sessions and keynote speeches across two stages. This included an in-depth look at the solutions to technical challenges, funding fusion, building an industry, diversity of ideas, regulation and spotlight on the talent needed to succeed.

Tim Bestwick, UK Atomic Energy Authority Director, said: “New energy solutions are required for a sustainable future, and fusion offers huge potential and hope. We are all part of an exciting, expanding and dynamic field, and those at an inspirational FUSION22 have the solutions. Fusion is coming.”

A global gains session toured the world to report on international achievements and efforts to get fusion energy, which is based on the same processes that power the sun and stars, onto the grid.

Eloise Francis, Director of Innovation at BRE, said it was “great to see the science and technology moving forwards”, while a Kyoto Fusioneering delegation from Japan said the event brought together a valuable fusion energy network.

Sachin Desai, of US-based Helion Energy, added: “FUSION22 has brought important international attention to the near-term deployment of fusion as a tool to win the fight against climate change, the amazing accomplishments that have been made to date, and the substantial work that still has to be done.”

FUSION22 was organised by UKAEA and the UK Fusion Cluster founding partners. For more information visit

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