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This year’s IAEA Fusion Energy Conference, held this week, reflected the priorities of the new era in fusion energy research. The ITER experiment is fast taking shape in France, private sector investment in fusion is at an all-time high, and power plant design work is underway around the globe.

The IAEA conference – often dubbed the Olympics of fusion – is the leading international platform for sharing the results of research and development efforts in the drive to bring the world low-carbon energy from fusion. Held every two years, the 2021 event was organised by France, but took place online due to COVID restrictions.

In addition to UKAEA being a sponsor of the event, we contributed to the scientific discussion with a range of presentations. Seventeen UKAEA staff highlighted their work at the conference, with topics including latest results from the MAST Upgrade and JET tokamaks, and simulations and studies for ITER and future power plants. See the full list of UKAEA speakers below.

In 2023, it will be the UK’s turn to host the IAEA Fusion Energy Conference, for the first time since the 1980s. We look forward to welcoming this prestigious event to London and to showcasing our progress in bringing fusion to the grid.


UKAEA speakers at IAEA Fusion Energy Conference 2021


James Morris Preparing systems codes for power plant conceptual design
Oliver Crofts Maintenance of a fusion power plant: The EU approach
Carine Giroud High performance ITER-baseline discharges in deuterium with nitrogen and neon-seeding in the JET ITER-Like Wall
James Harrison Overview of first physics results from MAST Upgrade
Stuart Henderson


Experimental impurity concentrations required to reach detachment in AUG and JET
Joelle Mailloux Overview of JET results for optimising ITER operation
Nicolas Mantel Development and testing of an additively manufactured lattice for demo limiters
Fulvio Militello An assessment of alternative divertors for the European DEMO
Lee Packer Technological exploitation of the JET nuclear environment: progress in neutron field characterisation and ITER materials irradiation
Hongjuan Sun Understanding the role of edge plasma physics in the H-mode density limit on the JET ITER-Like Wall
Greg Bailey Current status of DEMO activated waste studies
Costanza Maggi Isotope identity experiments in JET with ITER-Like Wall
Elina Militello Asp Global JINTRAC Simulations for ITER PFPO scenario development
David Moulton Recent modelling of long-legged divertor configurations
Siobhan Smith ELM burn-through simulations for MAST Upgrade Super-X plasmas
Kevin Verhaegh Investigating the role of plasma-atom/molecule interactions on power, particle and momentum balance during detachment
Christopher Ham Understanding reactor relevant tokamak pedestals


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