CHIMERA, currently under construction, will enable testing for design development and risk mitigation for fusion reactor components and other equipment destined for extreme environments.


  • CHIMERA is a unique component loading machine, designed to test prototypes in the simultaneous extreme temperature, heat flux and electromagnetic environment representative of fusion power reactor conditions
  • Components can be water-cooled for high-heat flux or long duration tests at up to PWR reactor conditions
  • Diagnostic capabilities enable development and validation of a computational model ‘twin’ of the tested component

Fusion applications

Integrated testing for reactor component modules such as first wall, blanket, divertor and diagnostic systems. CHIMERA is designed to address challenges including:

  • High heat flux
  • Static and pulsed electromagnetic loads
  • In-vacuum thermal cycling, fatigue, creep, and other failure modes
  • Validation of complex, bespoke and high-risk manufacturing

Other industrial applications

The CHIMERA loading systems can be used independently, making them suitable for non-fusion applications such as nuclear fission technology, aerospace and concentrated solar.


Once completed, this facility will be open to both industry and universities. We welcome all enquiries.

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Further information

CHIMERA factsheet

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