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Tritium Training

Developing skills for the UK’s tritium experts

Building tritium science and engineering capabilities to support fusion

H3AT has many years’ experience operating a fusion fuel cycle system and handling a variety of gases and materials, including tritium. This has allowed us to develop and build an extensive training programme to to keep pace with the growing demand for tritium expertise both in the UK and the rest of the world.

UKAEA Presentation to employees and stakeholders

Course Syllabus

Delivered virtually or in-person, the H3AT tritium training course provides a solid foundation and introduction to key tritium technologies that allows vital fusion research and development.

We offer a series of foundation and advanced level modules. The foundation level consists of three modules that cover tritium fundamentals, tritium fuel cycle and tritium technologies. The advanced level consists of two modules focusing on tritium plant design.

Who should attend?

Our tritium training programme is offered to our UKAEA people, industry and academia allowing participants to access the wealth of knowledge we have amassed and our state-of-the-art facilities.

The programme aims to support the professional development of participants within the tritium technical field. It gives individuals the confidence to progress within the industry and ultimately support the commercial realisation of fusion.

Tritium Training Programme Modules

Module 1: Tritium Fundamentals

Covers tritium properties and the safe use and handling of tritium

Module 2: Tritium Fuel Cycle

High level over view of a tritium fuel cycle and includes a tour of AGHS

Module 3: Tritium Plant Design 1

Introducing factors to consider when designing a tritium plant for fusion

Module 4: Tritium Plant Design 2

A ‘deep dive’ into experiments that inform he plant design parameters

Module 5: Tritium Technologies

Focus on technologies that address existing and future tritium challenges

Contact details

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Further information

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