H3AT is the focal point for providing access to technical expertise, skills, training, infrastructure and equipment to solve tritium challenges within and beyond fusion.

Tritium technology is essential to the development of fusion. It is linked to key areas of research that include:

  • Delivering fusion as a viable power source
  • Reducing nuclear waste
  • Decommissioning liabilities
  • Defence, medical and commercial applications
Artist's impression of H3AT complex at Culham

H3AT’s extensive experience of operating key, technology enabling facilities is the basis of our specialisation in:

  • Tritium handling
  • Storage and processing
  • Tritium-capable experiments
  • Materials detritiation and waste processing
  • Fusion facility decommissioning

UKAEA’s purpose built, state-of-the-art facilities give customers access to a non-nuclear licensed site, that can provide:

  • The modelling of fuel cycle loops for fusion
  • Modelling of different fusion plant scenarios
  • The qualification and testing of fusion reactor services and hardware

Our existing and planned facilities integrate with UKAEA safety, security, environmental and radioactive waste
disposal systems, enabling H3AT to:

  • Introduce new technology into the closed-loop system
  • Test fusion fuel cycle scenarios
  • Develop new, novel systems and techniques

Contact details

To find out more about H3AT and enquire about using the facility, please contact info@h3at.ukaea.uk.

Further information

Hydrogen-3 Advanced Technology brochure

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