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H3AT control room

H3AT, a world-first research centre, studies tritium processing, distribution, storage, recycling and disposal.

H3AT is the global leader in world-class tritium solutions for fusion and associated R&D technologies. Our purpose is to provide solutions that will enable fusion delivery and the wider tritium economy.

We are committed to:

  • Developing a highly skilled and diverse workforce
  • Engaging with academia and industry through innovation-led collaborations
  • Enabling knowledge sharing activities

The tritium challenge

In a fusion reactor, tritium and deuterium – two isotopes of hydrogen – will be combined in a hot plasma to produce energetic neutrons which can be turned into electricity.

Because tritium is a radioactive isotope with a half-life of around 12 years, natural reserves are scarce. However, it can be bred from lithium within a fusion reactor. Fusion power plants will need to have tritium breeding facilities built into their design, to ensure a surplus of the fuel is maintained at all times.

Developing techniques for safely managing and producing tritium is an essential step in the path to making fusion a commercial energy source.

H3AT capabilities

  • Advanced tritium infrastructure to feed, recover, store and recycle tritium
  • Flexible suite of enclosures enabling a wide variety of experimental work:
    • pure tritium science
    • process development
    • component testing
    • waste detritiation
  • Computational simulations and model validation
  • Training facilities
  • Materials detritiation processes and facilities

Contact details

To find out more about H3AT and enquire about using the facility, please contact info@h3at.ukaea.uk.

Further information

Hydrogen-3 Advanced Technology brochure

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