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Materials Technology Laboratory

The Materials Technology Laboratory is focused on testing and developing the materials for the future of fusion. The laboratory provides unique capabilities and expertise in support of the technological development of fusion energy.


  • Materials testing and characterisation
  • Small-scale sample testing
  • Design codes and standards for fusion
  • Application specific material selection

Fusion applications

  • Developing novel materials capable of withstanding the extreme environments of a fusion reactor, often in conjunction with one another:
    • High load and temperature extremes
    • High energy neutrons
    • Extreme magnetic forces
    • Corrosive decay caused by lithium
  • Performing fusion design criteria validation testing

Other industrial applications

  • Investigating cutting edge materials
  • Developing supply chains
  • Advanced testing techniques and technique standardisation
Materials testing experiment


The Materials Technology Laboratory is keen to collaborate on research projects that relate to these areas. We will also consider commercial use of our unique capabilities to support UK industry and academia towards the advancement of fusion and related technologies.

For further information please contact info@mtl.ukaea.uk.

Further information

Materials challenges in fusion

Current projects

MTL equipment


Some of our collaborators include: University of Birmingham, University of Sheffield, National Nuclear Laboratory, MPI, SWIP, ASTM, CEN, CEA, KIT, ENEA and more.

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