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Joining and Advanced Manufacturing Technology Laboratory

The fusion environment creates unique challenges for manufacturing and testing that need to be overcome to realise a fusion reactor. Joining and manufacturing is a key challenge in delivering fusion, due to these components needing to withstand this extreme environment and due to the exotic materials used within fusion reactors.

The Joining and Advanced Manufacturing Technology Laboratory (JAM) aims to lead the development and maturation of the critical material joining and manufacturing technologies required to deliver fusion in collaboration with UK industry, academia and national institutes.


  • An active research programme on joining, manufacturing and testing of components for fusion
  • Hosting and developing testing equipment to de-risk fusion challenges
  • Disseminating the requirements and challenges of realising a fusion reactor
  • Creating a broad network to identify the full landscape of potential organisations that could contribute to all the different fusion power plant manufacturing challenges
  • Providing expert knowledge in fusion as well as IP and expertise in joining, advanced manufacturing and testing which will be accessible to UK industry to help them engage in current and future fusion work
  • Working to transfer technology and expertise between sectors; into and out of fusion

Technology areas

  • Non-Destructive Testing and in situ health monitoring (particularly for extreme environments)
  • Advanced joining techniques (joining fusion materials using common techniques or applying new technologies)
  • Advanced manufacturing methods (new ways of creating fusion components)
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Experimental verification of modelling
  • Non-metallics (composites and polymers for the fusion environment)

The key ways that the JAM project operates are through:

  • Internal R&D projects
  • Winning external contracts in collaboration with other organisations
  • Placing seedcorn projects with external organisations to accelerate technology development
  • The HIVE (Heating by Induction to Verify Extremes) High Heat Flux testing facility


The Joining and Advanced Manufacturing Technology Laboratory is keen to collaborate on projects throughout the Technology Readiness Levels that relate to these areas. We will also consider commercial use of our unique capabilities to support UK industry and academia towards the advancement of fusion and related technologies.

For further information please contact info@jam.ukaea.uk.


Some of our collaborators include: NPL, University of Cambridge, University of Dundee, University of Manchester, University of Bristol, University of Birmingham, ​University of Surrey, University of Strathclyde, University of Coventry, University of Bath, University of Leicester, Imperial College London, Cranfield University, TWI, Renishaw, GKN, STFC, NAMRC, AMRC, MTC, CPI, NCC, MPI, AFRC, PSP, iSi, WintWire and more.

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