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Thin film operations

Thin film operations

Special Techniques has a range of thin film coating equipment, which is currently used for a wide range of metallic coatings.

We have commissioned a PVD-75 electron beam evaporator, supplied by Kurt J Lesker Co., to complement the existing range of coating plant within the facility.

Incorporating a 5.5kW electron gun, it is able to evaporate a wide range of materials including some refractory metals.

We are also able to undertake thermal evaporation and sputter coating. Some coatings are designed with high-adhesion values in mind, and may be deposited as multi-layer compositions.

Coatings are monitored by quartz crystal microbalance for repeatability, with absolute thickness calibrated against an NPL certified standard as well as surface science metrology at the UKAEA Materials Research Facility.

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