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Optical viewports

Optical Viewport Clean Room Facility - Final Inspection

Special Techniques has won worldwide acclaim for its viewports.

The nature of our facility enables us to manufacture many bespoke items. Clients are able to specify exactly the clear view diameter, mounting arrangement, whether zero length or re-entrant, and precise grade of optical material.

We pride ourselves in being able to listen to clients’ requirements, and offer them a design to consider without obligation.

Amongst the optics available are: Fused Silica (including water-free), Crystal Quartz, BK7, Sapphire and Diamond.

We can also offer precise thicknesses of optics to within 5 microns, and accommodate precise transmitted wavefront distortion, parallelism and scratch dig requirements.

Sapphire gyrotron windows have been produced for experimental RF applications associated with fusion research.

For certain X-ray monitoring systems, we are able to offer suitably transmissive windows. These have traditionally taken the form of water-cooled assemblies and plain mounted versions.

Both circular and rectangular versions are readily available.

At Special Techniques we produce many unusual viewport arrangements – exactly to the requirements of our clients.

On some occasions, we depart from circular optics.

Based upon aluminium and gold bonding techniques, these assemblies may be suitable for UHV application up to 450 degrees C.

In recent years we have developed diamond windows for synchrotron and fusion plasma heating applications.

A variety of mounting arrangements are available including water-cooled copper bodies, titanium conflats, and weldable systems.

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