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Career opportunities within H3AT at UKAEA

We are recruiting a range of project management roles to support programmes within our H3AT department.
If you want a new career in a unique and fascinating industry, take a look at the roles we are recruiting for below.

Fusion is entering the delivery era, with an increasing focus on key technologies that will be needed to address the challenges of the first-generation fusion power stations.

UKAEA’s experience and capabilities developed from decades of research, development and operation of large-scale experimental fusion facilities places it in an excellent position to pioneer the commercialisation of sustainable fusion energy.

H3AT (Hydrogen-3 Advanced Technology) is a world-first tritium research centre at UKAEA. It will study how to process, store and recycle tritium, one of the fuels that will supply fusion power stations.

The science and technologies associated with the fuel cycle for the first-generation fusion power plants is a primary area of research for fusion programmes.

The H3AT vision is to position UKAEA as a global fusion leader for delivering world-class tritium solutions and associated R+D technologies. The realisation of this vision will establish the UK as the global commercial hub for fusion technology and innovation.

JET vacuum vessel

What we’re looking for:

We are looking for individuals who have project management and professional experience and who have a passion for making a difference to the world. No prior fusion experience is necessary, just someone with relevant skills for the roles and who have an interest in managing projects within the fusion industry.

We have a number of roles available, which can be found by clicking on the links below:

H3AT building render

Find out more:

Please go to our job vacancies page to see the roles we’re offering and to apply.

Further details of H3AT can be found at www.ccfe.ukaea.uk/technology/h3at/ and more information about UKAEA’s wider work is available at www.gov.uk/ukaea.

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