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Student placements

Every year CCFE and its operator the UK Atomic Energy Authority have many projects for undergraduate and masters students, ranging from a few months to year in industry projects. If you are interested in a short-term summer placement at UKAEA, applications usually open after Christmas and will be found on our vacancies page. Year in industry and masters placements are normally set up in collaboration with university courses with which we have special partner arrangements.

More information about summer placements and typical opportunities:

  • SEPNET (South East Physics Network) offers placements to those working in a physics discipline. Applications for SEPNET will only be accepted from SEPNET partner universities.
  • Placements funded by EUROfusion must meet stringent eligibility requirements and are generally arranged directly with universities;
  • Occasionally, there are opportunities funded through collaborations between UKAEA and external organisations/institutes. These are generally advertised directly to those who are potentially eligible.
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