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IET Power Academy

The IET Power Academy Scholarship programme was set up to help UK industry meet its need for more electrical and power engineering graduates.

Nowhere is the requirement for these qualified engineers greater than in the fusion research programmes at UKAEA, especially in the MAST Upgrade and JET fusion experiments.

IET Power Academy: Benefits

What’s in it for you? Apart from a bursary of £3,000 for each year of study, there’s a contribution towards university tuition fees, books and software and paid summer work placements. Then when you’ve completed your studies there’s the opportunity to apply for jobs working on the sophisticated high-voltage equipment at UKAEA’s Culham Science Centre, with the possibility of joining the graduate scheme to further develop your career.

IET Power Academy: Roles

What role do Power and Electrical Engineers play in fusion research projects? In short, an essential one – looking after, operating and upgrading the wide range of high voltage electrical power equipment without which running experiments would be impossible.

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